Edon Pinchot sings ‘One Direction’ in the ‘America’s Got Talent’ semifinals


And rocks it, obviously. Honestly, even if he wasn’t good it would have worked for him because of his song choice, “What Makes You Beautiful” by British-Irish boy band “One Direction” (ask your niece about them), and there are so many “One DIrection” fans (Directioners) out there and boy, do they text. The crowd loved it, and even cheered “Edon, Edon.”

As always, “Jewish Justin Bieber” got great reviews from the two-thirds Jewish judges. While there were no Jewish references this time, Howie Mander called the performance, “beau-ti-ful” and added, “That was amazing. You are, when you think of the whole competition…the best singer of the competition.”

Howard Stern added “I imagine a lot of 13 year-old girls are going to be voting for you,” and Sharon Osborne added, “you put in everything, you are amazing.” Stern also admitted that he was “a little but bored by the song” but Edon replied  “I felt that it was the right choice…to get the fans on their feet.”

So from 24 contestants in the semifinals only three will advance, in what seems to be the longest competition of all time, but to keep Edon, log on to NBC.com. To read more about him, check out the feature profile Tablet posted today.

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