Did Dems really pass Jerusalem vote?


To the Editor:

I am not a supporter of President Obama and his policies regarding Israel, but to merely say that the Democratic Party’s platform "returned" to its prior language regarding Jerusalem as Israel’s capital is stretching the truth. Mayor Villaraigosa (the former Tony Villar) had to call for the vote three times, hesitate and then finally rule that the change had passed.

My hearing is far from excellent, but it was clear that the "No" vote was at least as strong as the "Yes" vote, if not stronger, but Villaraigosa must have been under instructions "from a higher source" to force the change through. The whole scene was disgusting to those of us who love Israel.

That one of the political parties had folks at a convention actually booing placing the name of God and support for Jerusalem as Israel’s capital back into its platform should give thinking Jews pause in deciding which party has Israel’s best interests at stake. My mind is set and hopefully more Jews will wake up.

Richard Fishman
Beverly Hills, Calif.

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