Polish mall quits use of Kristallnacht in ad following residents’ complaints


WARSAW, Poland (JTA) — A Lodz mall stopped using the term "Crystal Night" as an advertising slogan following a media campaign by residents.

"Rob the collection. Crystal Night of shopping" the new slogan of the Manufaktura Mall in Lodz, appeared this week on billboards throughout the city.

The mall decided to change the billboards after residents took their complaints to the media with letters to the editor.

Crystal Night, or Kristallnacht, was a pogrom against Jews in Germany in November 1938. Jewish shops, homes and synagogues were destroyed, filling the streets with shards of glass and crystal.

"I believe that this slogan was used unknowingly because it could be used knowingly only by a madman," Symcha Keller, the head of the Jewish Community in Lodz, told JTA. "Crystal Night is associated around the world with the pogrom of Jews in the Third Reich."

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