Is Drake going to entroll in Howard University? (VIDEO)


Drake Drake Performs at Howard Universitys Yardfest, Says He Wants to Enroll

Last week we reported that rapper Drake finally graduated from high school, after devoting most of the summer to catch up with the few credits he was missing.

In case any of you was wondering whether Drizzy will continue to ride the educational wave and attend college, there may be an answer for that.

Over the weekend, Drake stopped by at the Howard University’s homecoming Yardfest, a music festival that is known to host many of the greatest names in hip-hop. During the surprise show, where Drake performed fan favorites like “HYFR” (the bar-mitzvah song) and “The Motto,” he turned to the excited crowd and said:

I just wanna say something real quick before I go. About two minutes ago I made the decision…for the last like four months, I went back to high school. I graduated high school. So you see what my campaign is about this year, ’cause I went right to the bookstore, I’m trying to come to school with y’all.

So is the Washington D.C., University the next step for Drake? And will his graduation presents be better than his re-bar-mitzvah ones? I’ll guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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