Romney has visited Yad Vashem and Sderot, too


In their final debate Monday night, President Obama responded to criticism from Mitt Romney for not visiting Israel since his election by noting that on his 2008 trip to Israel as a candidate, he had visited Yad Vashem and Sderot.

"So that’s how I’ve used my travels when I travel to Israel and when I travel to the region," said Obama, who also noted that Romney traveled to Israel with donors and did fundraising. The president’s campaign is touting his response to Romney in a video.

Well, for the record, The Times of Israel confirmed that Romney had also visited Yad Vashem, and the site found a photo of him laying a wreath there back in 2007. Romney also visited Sderot last year, the website notes.

So Obama isn’t the only candidate in the race who can boast of visiting the two spots.


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