Anniversary of unsolved Long Beach Yeshiva murder


On Nov. 1, 1986, a 15 year-old Orthodox yeshiva student Chaim Weiss was found dead with a stab wound in his yeshiva dorm room in Long Island.


Weiss, who would have been 16 years old in two weeks, was stabbed while he slept by a reportedly "heavy sort of knife" sometime during Halloween eve. There were no signs of forced entry or theft in the victim’s third-floor dormitory room, which opened onto a fire escape. Weiss’ body was found by a dormitory leader when he went to rouse the student for Shabbat morning prayers.

The factor of anti-Semitism has been largely discounted by detectives assigned to the case, although the murder took place during Halloween following some heckling and taunting of the yeshiva students, and some egg-throwing. [Rabbi Shlomo Lesin, school administrator] told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency that he has been there 17 years and has felt no anti-Semitism during that time.

Chaim Weiss’s murder at Mesivta of Long Beach Torah High School remains unsolved.

In 1992, the incident was dramatized and aired on the 1990s television show "Unsolved Mysteries."

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