Sarah Silverman tweets (and deletes) her opinions on Israeli politics


File:Sarah Silverman (Tribeca Film Festival).jpg

It has been only two days since the election campaign in the U.S. (finally) came to an end, but for some people, campaigning just never stops.

After being an avid and somewhat outspoken supporter of President Obama and the Democratic Party, Jewish comedian Sarah Silverman is moving on to her next target — Israeli politics. Last night, Silverman tweeted to her followers her personal endorsement for the upcoming election in Israel, which will take place this coming January.

Silverman urged Israeli voters to cast their ballots for the left-wing Meretz Party and the Green Movement. Chairman of Meretz, Zehava Galon, replied and congratulated Silverman on Obama’s victory:

ההתכתבות בין סילברמן לגלאון (צילום מסך)

“I was really excited,” Galon told the Israeli website Mako. “The same day Obama is elected Silverman thought that Meretz is the sane and liberal alternative and that made me really happy.” Mako also reports that Silverman’s sister, Susan, a Reform rabbi who lives in Jerusalem, is friends with Galon, although Galon has never met Sarah. “She’s amazing,” Galon added, “she is an opinion leader and I think it’s cool.”

The tweet is no longer available on Silverman’s Twitter page for an unknown reason, but when it was live it was quoted numerous times.

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