Sarah Silverman and Conan corrupt innocent babies (VIDEO)


Last week, comedian Sarah Silverman visited Conan O’Brien and somewhat embarrassed the ginger late night host with a serious of R-rated topics.

Silverman’s mission was to show that it is okay to discuss lady parts, and she did it, of course, in her “special” ways. After taking a photo of Conan’s lips with her iPhone, she put the photo of them against her crotch, and explained,  “I think it’s good to get used to the lady parts and not make them shame-filled things.”

While Conan could not hide his embarrassment, he was eventually able to follow Silverman’s orders and yell/sing the word “vagina.”

However, the “vagina” moment had a hilarious outcome, as one mother took a video of her baby boy’s reaction to that scene, which emphasized the reason why this show is a LATE NIGHT SHOW.

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