Jon Stewart after Broadwell interview: ‘I am the worst journalist in the world’


Jon Stewart tackles the Broadwell-Petraeus scandal on Monday's 'Daily Show' on Comedy Central.

On last night’s “Daily Show,” Jon Stewart allowed himself to have a fair share of self-criticism, regarding an interview he had with biographer Paula Broadwell in January.

Broadwell, is now better known as former CIA head David Petraeus’ mistress, and the reason why the general had to resign.

Stewart showed clips from the interview, where Broadwell kept describing Petraeus using very heroic statement, some were, well, interesting, “The whole thing was like innuendo after innuendo and I’m like, gaaaaaw!” said Stewart.

“I had her right there talking about how thick a coat of awesome sauce Petraeus is bathed in — the thing never crossed my [bleeping] mind! The whole time I was just staring of how defined her arms were!”

“I am the worst journalist in the world,” he concluded. “For god’s sake, the title of her book was ‘All In’!”

Watch the video here:


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