Feeling bad for Kardashian


To the Editor:

I cannot grasp how someone like Kim Kardashian can be publicly flogged for expressing a heartfelt sympathy for two peoples at war with each other and appealing to her God for mercy on the innocents caught up in the conflict on both sides. Would Twitter followers be equally incensed if the comments were made instead by a woman or man who was employed as a rubbish collecter? The truth is, no one would give a damn about the rubbish collecter’s thoughts on the conflict.

I was born In Northern Ireland, where partisanship was the lifeblood of almost any conversation and taking sides was more important than even the welfare of loved ones. Nowadays, the mere act of opening your heart and expressing your heartfelt concerns can earn you a punch in the head at the very least, or a bullet to the brain at worst.

My heartfelt concerns to Kim Kardashian and others in a similar position.

David Mason
Nelson, New Zealand

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