The Hebrew Hammer is back to kill Hitler (with your help!)


Nine years ago, Mordechai Jefferson Carver, better known as “The Hebrew Hammer,” became a modern Jewish hero after saving Chanukah from the evil son of Santa Clause. The low-budget Jewish blaxploitation film — featuring Adam Goldberg as the Hammer, Judy Greer as his love interest Esther Bloomenbergensteinenthal, Andy Dick as evil Damian Claus and others — became famous mostly by being showed occasionally on Comedy Central.

Now filmmaker Jonathan Kesselman wants to do a sequel, titled “The Hebrew Hammer VS Hitler,” and he is using the Jewish crowdfunding website to fundraise for it.

The plot: “When Hitler gets his hand on Time Sukkah technology™ and begins rewriting Jewish History, Mordechai Jefferson Carver (The Hebrew Hammer) and Mohammed Ali Paula Abdul Rahim set out through time to stop him. Can the Hammer and Mo prevent Hitler from un-inscribing the Jewish people from the book of life?”

Kesselman is asking for $200,000 as a pre-production starter and also to make an initial offer to the potential Hitler, anyone from Jack Black to Tom Cruise to Bernie Madoff.

Check out the video (NSFW language) here, if you like it, donate!

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