J Street is no voice for pro-Israel community


To the Editor:

I got a laugh out of JTA quoting J Street’s Jeremy Ben Ami on pro-Israel congressional leaders who are retiring. So now J Street, the far left pressure group that opposes almost all of the Israeli government’s positions, speaks for the pro-Israel community in the U.S.? I don’t think so.

I imagine J Street is celebrating that the strongest pro-Israel voices, like Joe Lieberman and Shelley Berkley, will no longer be on the scene. Yet J Street should not celebrate too long because it is doubtful the new legislators will buy into J Street’s delusional narrative that the Jewish state is the only problem in the Mideast. Even Gary Ackerman, who was one of Israel’s biggest critics in Congress, distanced himself from J Street’s toxic agenda.

JTA would do much for its reputation and would serve its readers well if instead of trying to sell J Street as a mainstream organization, it would dig into where J Street gets its funding.

Josh Baker
Birmingham, Mich.

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