Shira Gavrielov, an Israeli singer, rocks ‘American Idol’ auditions (VIDEO)


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Move over, Edon! The next great Jewish singer is Shira Gavrielov, who made it through the audition stages of the first episode of this year’s “American Idol” and will try her luck in the Hollywood training camp.

Gavrielov, daughter of famous Israeli singer Miki Gavrielov, moved from Israel to Brooklyn recently “because of the American dream” and to “have a bite of the Big Apple.” In Israel, a cover version she made to the song “Crazy” by Gnarls Barkley made the top of the Israeli charts.

When Gavrielov stood in front of the judges at the New York auditions, Mariah Carey told her “shalom” and “Shanah Tovah,” as expected.

Gavrielov sang a great rendition of Amy Winehouse’s “Valery” and received high complements from the judges. Nicki Minaj called her a “superstar” and added that she loves the song choice, which works great with her tone.

The Hollywood auditions will take place later this season.

Good luck!

Watch the video here:

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