Report: Israel attacks target in Syria


JERUSALEM (JTA) — Israel reportedly attacked a target inside Syria.

The report of the attack on a site near the Syrian border with Lebanon came Wednesday afternoon, hours after reports came out of Lebanon that Israel had flown several sorties over its territory on Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning.

Unnamed sources, including one identified as a Western diplomat, told Reuters that it was unknown what was hit inside Syria and where exactly the attack occurred.

The Israel Defense Forces would not comment on the report of an Israeli attack inside Syria.

News of an attack came days after Israel’s Vice Prime Minister Silvan Shalom confirmed that Israel could launch a military strike on Syria if it appeared that Lebanese Hezbollah guerrillas or Syrian rebels had taken possession of Syrian chemical weapons.

Shalom confirmed to Army Radio that Netanyahu met last week on Election Day with the country’s security chiefs to discuss the situation in Syria.

The Lebanese army earlier this week accused Israel’s Air Force of violating Lebanon’s airspace several times on Jan. 26.

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