U.S. Chamber of Commerce offers Israel energy assistance


WASHINGTON (JTA) – The U.S. Chamber of Commerce said it wants to assist Israel as it works out its new energy program.

Myron Brilliant, the American group’s vice president and head of international affairs, referred to “a special relationship” between the two countries and offered its assistance in a letter to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu dated May 9.

The Chamber of Commerce “is deeply committed to our commercial relationship – advancing American investment in Israel, finding ways for American and Israeli companies to work together, and promoting public policies in both countries that open the path for even greater private sector development,” Brilliant wrote.

Brilliant discussed extracting natural gas and said the Chamber of Commerce is willing to discuss with Israel the “advances as well as detours” that American companies have learned during their involvement in the process.

“Israel’s new energy discoveries can be the catalyst for a new, next step” between the two countries, Brilliant wrote, adding that he would like to meet with Netanyahu to further discuss the matter when he is in Israel on May 19-20.

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