Cori Silberman, 30


Storytelling with a Jewish sense.

Milwaukee native Cori Silberman was always fascinated with American Jewish history. So after venturing into a successful television production career, it seemed only natural she would start her own company focused on just that topic.

Silberman launched Bandits Roost Entertainment in August of 2012 with the hope of telling stories about the New York Jewish experience in the most authentic way possible. Just several months old, the production company already has its hands full of various projects, and is currently developing several plays, musicals, comic books, films, and documentaries scheduled for release later this year.

Silberman is a graduate of the New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. She spent years working for AMC Television network as well as Broadway’s Roy Gabay Theatrical Production and Management Company, but she always dreamed of opening her own theater company.

“The way I see it, I’m a Jew first,” Silberman said. “The history fascinates me, and producing items that tell the story of Jewish history makes me feel culturally connected.”

From an adaptation of a Segal and Schuster 1940s comic book of a Jewish superhero, to a documentary about the chestnut tree outside the window of Anne Frank’s house, Silberman sees herself tasked with the goal of building up Jewish pride through the arts.

“There are so many stories of Jewish history we can tell, whether its through the Holocaust or the tenements of the Lower East Side,” she said. “Whether it’s a comic book or a documentary, I want to create something where a consumer will pick it up and find pride in being a Jew.”

The name of her company, which stems from the Yiddish word “Bandit,” meaning “pain in the neck” — is an indication of the jovial, silly-yet-meaningful attitude with which Silberman approaches her work as she plans to provide entertaining yet profound arts content about the Jewish experience in America.

Smart TV: At AMC, Silberman worked in production on various shows including “Mad Men,” “Breaking Bad” and “The Walking Dead.” She’s also a singer.