Serious Jibber Jabber: Mel Brooks Goes Online With Conan O’Brien


The 2,000 Year Old Man is still alive and kicking. Or in his case, kvetching. And promoting himself.

An hour-long interview conducted by Conan O’Brien with 87-year-old Mel Brooks goes online today on the Team Coco entertainment website, reports Heeb, the online pop culture magazine.

It’s part of the ongoing series of interviews with prominent Americans in various fields that O’Brien is doing under the “Serious Jibber Jabber” label, according to Heeb. And it’s the latest sign of Brooks’ increasingly visibility as he talks about his career, the multitude of famous personalities with whom he’s worked over the last six-plus decades, and his — according to Brooks, born Melvin Kaminsky — almost unlimited talent.

In recent years the comedy writer, performer and movie director was named a recipient of a Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and received an American Film Institute Life Achievement Award.

Now, like Jewish comics a half-century younger Brooks is capitalizing on the Internet and social media to brand himself.