Toronto Transit: Yes On Pro-Israel Ads, No On Anti-Israel


The Toronto Transit System on Monday rejected four advertisements, sponsored by the Montreal-based Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East and depicting Palestinians’ “loss of land” at the hands of Israel, as “inaccurate and misleading,” according to JTA.

The ads, that would have run on buses and subways, and in TTS shelters, “potentially could cause discrimination or advocate hate towards a specific group, in this case Israelis and/or the Jewish people,” Brad Ross, a TTC spokesman, told JTA.

Meanwhile, a series of pro-Israel ads sponsored by the StandWithUs advocacy group went on display last week in the Vancouver transit system, the Canadian Jewish News reports.

The ads, which will run for a month, depict the decrease in the size of Jewish territory in the Holy Land since the “Ancient Jewish Kingdom” 3,000 years ago until today, according to the Canadian Jewish News.

They are designed to counter anti-Israel “Disappearing Palestine” ads, sponsored by a coalition of anti-Israel organizations, which have been on display in TransLink stations since this summer and are similar to the ones now rejected by the TTS.

StandWithUs has mounted similar campaigns over the last six years in several U.S. cities.