After Holiday Tragedy, Florida Rabbis Work To Cut Traffic Deaths


Following the death of an Orthodox Jewish woman who was killed while crossing a busy Jacksonville road on Yom Kippur, a group of rabbis met this week with a Florida Department of Transportation engineer to prevent a recurrence, the Florida Times-Union reported.

The meeting on Monday was designed to come up with measures that will allow Sabbath-observant Jews to stop traffic without violating Jewish law, according to the Times-Union; microwave sensors that trigger a walk signal, and pressing a “walk” button at an intersection are banned by halacha.

The Sept. 13 accident took the life of Israeli native Esther Ohayon, and injured her daughter, Orly.

A 12-year-old boy in Brooklyn, Samuel Cohen-Eckstein, lost his life when he ran into traffic near Prospect Park earlier this month; he was to become bar mitzvah on Nov. 16.