Paul Reichmann, Real Estate Titan, Dies At 83


Paul Reichmann, a member of the European-born family of Reichmann brothers who settled in Canada after World War II and became successful real estate developers and philanthropists, died in Toronto on Oct. 25 at 83. His family did not disclose the cause of death.

Along with four brothers from a close-knit Orthodox family who escaped Vienna on the eve of the Nazi annexation and eventually made their way to safety in Tangier, Morocco, Mr. Reichmann was a founder of the Olympia & York Developments firm that at its peak 30 years ago was the “largest and most respected commercial real estate company in the world,” the Toronto Globe and Mail reported.

Mr. Reichmann later lost and remade much of his fortune. “He never veered from his strict observance of Jewish tradition,” according to the Globe and Mail. “The company’s offices were shut down every Friday at sunset and remained closed until Sunday, in observance of the Sabbath.”

He was a generous to many Jewish and civic causes.