Remains Of Gestapo Leader Apparently In Jewish Cemetery


The remains of a high-ranking Gestapo whose burial place was unknown since World War II have apparently turned up in a Jewish cemetery in Berlin, according to der Spiegel.

The German newsmagazine reported this week that Heinrich Muller, an architect of the Final Solution who was last seen in Hitler’s Berlin bunker at the end of the war, is buried in a mass grave in a Jewish cemetery in the capital’s Berlin-Mitte section. It is not clear how Muller ended up in a Jewish burial ground, according to der Spiegel.

Deiter Graumann, chairman of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, called the burial of a Nazi war criminal in a Jewish site “a distasteful monstrosity. The memories of the victims are being grossly violated here.”

The revelation follow the recently controversy over the burial site of Erich Priebke, a prominent SS officer who died in Rome; several countries refused to accept his body for burial.