Elsewhere: Orthodox youth boom, Israel’s medical tourists, hunting Nazis


Whistleblower still on the hook: Brooklyn’s district attorney is continuing the controversial prosecution of a Hasidic whistleblower on sex abuse in his community, reassigning two prosecutors after they promised to drop the case. (N.Y. Jewish Week)

Orthodox youth boom: More than a quarter of American Jewish children now live in Orthodox homes, according to new analysis of data from the recent Pew survey. (Forward)

Israel’s medical tourists: With foreigners flocking to Israel’s health institutions, the Israeli government is exploring whether to curb medical tourism, despite the revenue it brings in. (USA Today)

Pursuing Nazis: Eli Rosenbaum of the U.S. Justice Department is still hunting for Nazi war criminals. (NPR)

Art and other losses: The discovery in Germany of a trove of art seized by the Nazis led David Mazower to recall what treasured possessions his refugees relatives and other Jews lost and kept. (BBC)

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