Elsewhere: Unilateral fallback, Israel critic’s pulpit, panning Art Spiegelman


Unilateral fallback: A Labor Knesset member proposes that if negotiations with Palestinians fail, Israel should unilaterally withdraw from much of the West Bank, while retaining Jerusalem and the Jordan Valley. (N.Y. Times)

An Israel critic in the pulpit: Rabbi Brant Rosen has remained the spiritual leader of a Chicago-area synagogue while becoming an outspoken pro-Palestinian activist. (Forward)

Circumcision rite and consent: To better respect religious freedom, New York City should rewrite its mandatory consent forms regarding a controversial circumcision practice prevalent among Hasidim, writes Eliyahu Federman. (Reuters)

Panning Spiegelman: “Maus” cartoonist Art Spiegelman, the subject of a retrospective at New York’s Jewish Museum, gets a less than rave review from art critic Jed Perl. (New Republic)

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