Israeli with alleged mob ties gunned down in Johannesburg


(JTA) — An Israeli with alleged ties to Israeli crime bosses was shot dead in South Africa some six months after he left Israel.

Before he was gunned down this week near Johannesburg, Shimmy Anu was believed to have been an associate of Shay Musli, a Tel Aviv-born man whom police say is among the leaders of an Israeli organized crime outfit, according to Haaretz. Anu’s death may have been the result of a feud between Musli and other crime rings in central Israel, the paper reported.

Yossi Musli, Shay’s brother, was convicted in 2007 of attempted murder of rival mobsters; eight other members of his criminal outfit also were convicted. He was sentenced to 11 years in prison. Police believe Shay is running the criminal gang while Yossi serves his prison sentence.

In recent years, Musli associates have relocated abroad both to avoid both Israeli police and rival criminals in Israel, according to The Jerusalem Post. They have moved mainly to Romania but also to South Africa, the paper reported.

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