JTA’s 2013 news quiz



1. B
2. C – Pew survey of U.S. Jews: soaring intermarriage, assimilation rates
3. B – Supreme Court hears rabbi’s frequent flier case
4. A – The tweets heard ’round the world
5. D – Report: Ostreicher with actor Sean Penn at undisclosed location in U.S.
6. C – That headline appeared in the N.Y. Daily News, not the Post.
7. B – How do you spell knaidel?
8. D – It was the British chief rabbi who addressed Limmud.
9. B – Brian Schatz’s first pro-Israel shot: Get over the sequestration, Congress
10. A – Bibi’s gift to Pope Francis: A book on when the church persecuted the Jews
11. B – Israel’s campaign ads: the positive, the negative and the controversial
12. D – Bibi’s wine, doggie care, smoking soldiers, diamond savior
13. C – Romanian foreign minister: Holocaust Christmas carol merits prosecution
14. B – Obama: Israel prevents another Holocaust
15. A – U.S. counterintelligence targets Israel with Iran and China, secret budget reveals
16. C – Martin Indyk and his history
17. D – Rabbi Michael Broyde booted from religious court after using fake identity
18. 1-c, 2-b, 3-d, 4-a
19. C – An artist, a rooster, and a penis on a leash
20. B – Greek parliament votes to stop state funding for Golden Dawn party

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