Elsewhere: German-Jewish identity, technology and the golem, Jewish roots stretch back


German, Jewish and neither: Ignorance, philosemitism and a sense of alienation present challenges to a German-Jewish identity. (N.Y. Times)

22 generations of Jewish roots:  Genie Milgrom found out that her family had Jewish roots, and tracked them down 22 generations into the past. (Miami Herald)

Technology and the golem: The golem can serve as a kind of fable for the relationship between humans and technology, Charles T. Rubin writes. (New Atlantis)

Rocky and the Jews:
Rocky saying a Hebrew prayer made one kid feel better about being a Jew in 1980s America. (Huffington Post)

Saying goodbye to a synagogue: Reflecting on the destruction of a once-prominent Conservative synagogue prompts reflections on American Jewish demographics. (Boston Globe)


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