Elsewhere: In-marriage advocates living in past?, Israeli snowmakers, Brooklyn sermon slam


A battle over dot-kosher: Certifying agencies tussle over control of a potential domain name suffix. (L.A. Jewish Journal)

In-marriage advocates living in past?: The Pew study showed that promoting endogamy failed, writes the Jewish Outreach Institute’s Paul Golin. (The Jewish Week)

Israeli ingenuity lets it snow: The epic story behind the invention of the IDE All Weather Snowmaker, which enables Alpine ski resorts to prosper despite global warming. 
(Bloomberg Business Week

Israel’s medical refugees: Wounded Syrians are crossing the border for health care and coming back with new attitudes toward the Jewish state.(N.Y. Times

Poetry slam for sermons: More than 100 Brooklyn 20-somethings turn out for an innovative and interactive take on studying the Torah portion. (Forward)


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