David Schwimmer to star in ABC adaptation of Israeli comedy

David Schwimmer at the Deauville Film Festival. (Pixplanete/PR Photos)

David Schwimmer/PR Photos

In his first big TV role since his days as Ross on “Friends,” David Schwimmer will star in ABC’s “Irreversible,” according to The Hollywood Reporter. The show is based on “Bilti Hafich,” the No. 1 original comedy on Israeli broadcast TV.

Schwimmer, who is also producing the series, will play Andy, one half of an “eccentric, self-absorbed couple” that is great at leaving a trail of hijinks in their wake.

Here’s the lowdown on Ross—oh, sorry, Andy, from the Hollywood Reporter: He’s a writer with two books under his belt — one that did very well and one that was a

complete failure. He now makes a living conducting writing workshops part-time at the university, and has had a hard time mustering up the energy/resources to write his next novel, especially since his baby girl was born.  Andy is a pessimist and one prone to extremes. He’s a classic spoiled only child with a tendency to complicate things and get into trouble — but he will always avoid conflict. He masks his low self-esteem with sarcasm, which often leads to blowing up emotionally charged situations.”

Segahl Avin, who created the Israeli original, will write, direct, and executive produce “Irreversible.”

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