Elsewhere: Christian Zionist complexity, protesting haredi women, Jewish magic


Christian Zionism’s complexity: Can Jews embrace Christian Zionism, with its undercurrent of evangelism? According to Robert Nicholson, the answer should be yes. (Times of Israel)

Ukraine’s Jewish condition: Yes, there are neo-fascists and ultranationalists in Ukraine’s protest movement. But the position of Ukraine’s Jewish minority is far from hopeless, Adam Weinstein writes. (Gawker)

Could haredi protests empower women?: Widespread opposition to new haredi draft laws in Israel may inspire rabbis to allow women to protest too, Nathan Jeffay writes. (Forward)

The strange case of Jewish magic: The publication of books of Jewish magic has been a complicated affair for centuries. (Tablet)

Jews and food — a tasty relationship: From the Passover feast of roast lamb to the invention of the egg cream, food and Judaism are inextricable from one another. (Moment)

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