Russian TV anchor says Jews brought Holocaust on themselves


(JTA) — A television news anchor on a state-owned Russian network said the Jews brought the Holocaust on themselves.

Evelina Zakamskaya of the Rossiya 24 channel made the statement earlier this week during an interview with writer Aleksandr Prokhanov on the Ukraine crisis. The interview was first made public by Americablog.

Prokhanov said that supporters of Ukraine were bringing about “a second Holocaust.”

He added that it is “strange that Jewish organizations, the European and our own Russian organizations support the Maidan [protests]. What are they doing? Do they not understand that they are bringing about a second Holocaust with their own hands? This is monstrous.”

Zakamskaya replied that the Jews “brought about the first [Holocaust] similarly.”

Matvey Chlenov, deputy executive director of the Russian Jewish Congress, told JTA, “We note that the anti-Semitic remarks appeared in state media, but do not believe it is state-sponsored or endorsed. But we are concerned [at how] the remarks are not confronted or condemned by officials.”

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