Israel abstains in U.N. Ukraine vote


WASHINGTON (JTA) — Israel abstained from the U.S.-led bid to isolate Russia at the United Nations in the wake of its takeover of Crimea.

The non-binding resolution, which passed in the General Assembly on Thursday in a 100-11 vote with 58 abstentions, calls on member states “to desist and refrain from actions aimed at the partial or total disruption of the national unity and territorial integrity of Ukraine, including any attempts to modify Ukraine’s borders through the threat or use of force or other unlawful means.”

It also declares a referendum held earlier this month to validate last month’s Russian takeover to have “no validity.”

Among those approving the resolution were leading U.S. allies including Canada and Poland.

It was not clear why Israel abstained. Israeli diplomats are on strike.

Israel has maintained a low profile throughout the crisis.

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