Israel retaliates for attacks from Gaza, Syria


JERUSALEM (JTA) — Israel’s military returned fire on its northern and southern borders in response to attacks from the Gaza Strip and Syria.

Several mortars were fired on Israel from Syria on Monday morning, with one explosive landing near an Israeli army outpost on Mount Hermon. No one was injured in the attack, according to the Israel Defense Forces.

The Israeli military responded by firing artillery in the direction of the launching site, the IDF said in a tweet.

“The IDF reserves the right to respond in any way and any time to any and all attacks on Israel to protect Israeli’s residents,” a statement on its website said.

Israel lodged a complaint with the United Nations about the attack.

Several previous incidents of mortars fired from Syria landing in northern Israel were discovered to be unintentional, part of the fallout from Syria’s civil war, but some have been deemed intentional by the IDF.

Also Monday morning, the IDF bombed what it said in a statement were two “terror sites” in central and southern Gaza in retaliation for two rocket attacks from Gaza against southern Israel.

Since January, approximately 150 rockets have been launched from Gaza toward Israel.

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