Oregon deputy sheriff files lawsuit alleging anti-Semitism on the job


(JTA) — A deputy sheriff in Oregon filed a federal lawsuit alleging that he faced anti-Semitic comments in person and on Facebook posts.

Rich Sneath, a Jewish corrections deputy at the Clackamas County Jail, claims the verbal and written anti-Semitic attacks came after he reported co-workers for underperformance.

The lawsuit, filed late last week in Portland against Clackamas County, asks for damages of $500,000.

Among the comments made by co-workers, according to the lawsuit, were “Hitler missed one”; saying “Happy Holocaust Appreciation Day” in reference to Holocaust Remembrance Day; and substituting the word “Jew” for “you” when referring to Sneath.

An investigation initiated by the county in April 2013 did not find any serious violations. Sneath said his job was threatened during the probe.

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