For a food writer, what’s to like about Yom Kippur? The break-fast, of course


Whereas Rosh Hashanah is my favorite Jewish holiday of the year, Yom Kippur is one of my least favorite, second only to Passover when my beloved carbs are rudely snatched away from me for an entire week. Ah, the things we do for our heritage.

Not eating for 25 hours is hard. And I am not good at it, despite the meaningful role I believe it occupies in observing such an important, reflective holiday.

But the one thing that makes it better? Breaking the fast of course. So get creative with your break-the-fast menu and try some new dishes this year. Here’s some suggestions.

More recipes and menus can be found on MyJewishLearning’s Nosher blog.



Pomegranate Apple Salad with Parmesan Dressing










Spinach Goat Cheese Tart with Herb Butter Crust 











Pumpkin Spice Babka 

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