New legislation would crack down on terrorists in Israel


JERUSALEM (JTA) — Temporary legislation was introduced in the Knesset to crack down on terrorists and their supporters.

The eight-step plan was introduced Wednesday by the Likud party’s Knesset chairman Yariv Levin, at the request of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who heads the party.

Provisions of the bill include stripping the citizenship of Arab-Israelis caught being involved in terrorism, or revoking residency rights of Palestinian terrorists; deportation of terrorists following their prison terms; withholding a funeral from terrorists killed during the attack they perpetrated; withholding the bodies of dead terrorists for burial by their families; razing the terrorists’ home within 24 hours of their attack; arresting rock and firebomb throwers, and stripping them of their social welfare benefits; deporting to Gaza family members who publicly express support for their terrorist relative’s act, and closing printing businesses that print posters that support terror.

Levin told the Washington Post that the bill would apply to all, including Jewish Israelis. “But obviously, the main problem is with the Arabs,” he told the Post. “The families and the leadership support what they have done and talk about them as heroes, they name squares and streets after them, pay salaries to those who carry out attacks.”

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