Dershowitz denies sex charges


WASHINGTON (JTA) — Alan Dershowitz firmly denied allegations that he engaged in sexual activity with a minor employed by a client.

Dershowitz declared “totally, unequivocally and completely false” allegations that he had sex with the former staffer for investor Jeffrey Epstein.

Dershowitz was named in a lawsuit charging that federal prosecutors in Florida broke the law by granting Epstein a plea deal to avoid a federal prosecution, Politico reported on Dec. 31.

According to a court filing quoted by Politico, Epstein forced the woman, referred to as Jane Doe #3, to have sex with Dershowitz, among other men.

“Epstein required Jane Doe #3 to have sexual relations with Dershowitz on numerous occasions while she was a minor, not only in Florida but also on private planes, in New York, New Mexico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands,” the filing claimed.

Dershowitz, who helped defend Epstein against prostitution charges, told Politico that he was not in any of the places at the times cited in the filing, save for one occasion when he visited Epstein’s private island with his family.

Dershowitz told Politico he planned to seek the disbarment of the two lawyers representing the former staffer.

“I’m planning to file disbarment charges against the two lawyers who signed this petition without even checking the manifests of airplanes or travel itineraries, et cetera,” he said.

As a result of the plea deal, Epstein served 13 months for state prostitution charges but avoided a federal prosecution.

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