Politician for French National Front says Jews blocking his musical career


(JTA) — A French amateur singer affiliated with the far-right National Front party said his musical career is being blocked by Jews because he is not part of their clique.

Xavier Sainty, a candidate in the upcoming regional elections from the central Allier region, made the statement on social media earlier this month, the Liberation daily reported Wednesday.

“Even in show business I am blocked in all directions, and a Jewish producer, ‘Patrick Jaoul’ told me to my face: ‘As you’re not Jewish, you’ll never be on television or the radio and you’ll be barred because we have money and it all belongs to us, you’ll never make it.’”

Using the Hebrew word for non-Jews, Sainty added, “This is how we are treated by these governments for decades, we the ‘goyim.’ For a real French revolution, for Marine Le Pen and fast!”

Under Le Pen, its current president, National Front has distanced itself from the anti-Semitic statements and views of her father and predecessor, Jean-Marie Le Pen, who has multiple convictions for inciting hatred against Jews and denying the Holocaust.

But CRIF and other prominent Jewish groups advocate treating her and her party as pariahs, citing the fact that Jean-Marie Le Pen is still National Front’s honorary president and that numerous party officials have expressed anti-Semitic views.

Marine Le Pen, who in the past had fired party members for anti-Semitic statements, has not yet commented publicly on Sainty’s post.

According to CRIF and the National Bureau for Vigilance against anti-Semitism, the far right in France remains a major propagator of intellectual anti-Semitism, but most physical attacks on Jews are perpetrated by radical Muslims.

On Jan. 9, Muslim terrorist Amedy Coulibaly killed four people at a kosher supermarket outside Paris – one of three deadly attacks by French Muslims on Jews since 2012.

New footage from the shooting, which Coulibaly filmed, showed he asked a shopper about his ethnicity and executed him after the shopper said he was Jewish, Le Nouvel Observateur reported Thursday.

Coulibaly, who took more than 20 hostages before he was killed by police, told a journalist during the siege that he had come to kill Jews.

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