Company Accused Of Deflating Matzah Balls


New York — Manischaygitz, a leading manufacturer of kosher food products, was accused this week of selling a new line of Passover matzah meal that intentionally deflates the size of matzah balls.

The New York State Attorney General’s office said it has received dozens of complaints from Jewish homemakers who have begun their Passover cooking preparations and have discovered the inferior matzo balls produced by the mix.

“The balls are definitely deflated,” said Eliasz Feit, a state prosecutor.

Manischaygitz spokesperson Ken Zein vigorously denied the charge.

“Our matzah meal has always yielded big balls,” Zein insisted. “We would have no reason to deflate them, this year or any year. We’re quite proud of them.”

A number of kosher homemakers disagree.

Beth Kisay of the Bronx said, “For my family seder, I always make soup with two big matzo balls in each bowl. I can’t serve these deflated balls. It’s embarrassing. And I can’t just grow a pair, either. I need a reliable mix.”

The Attorney General’s office said it would sue Manischaygitz if more complaints were received in the coming weeks. “It’s a case of deflated balls and inflated prices,” said Feit. “Another Passover rip-off for kosher consumers.”