Israel boycotters in Ireland filmed agreeing to do business with human rights violators


(JTA) — A Jewish-American reporter secretly filmed three Irish retailers who boycott Israeli products agreeing to do business with Sudan, Iran and North Korea.

The segment aired by Fox News on Thursday shows Ami Horowitz speaking to business owners in Ireland while posing as a sales agent for firms that he presents as not being comfortable selling to retailers who also offer Israeli products.

In a conversation with one Irish retailer in the food industry, Horowitz said he was representing a Sudanese chocolate maker. Confirming he has no moral objections to working with firms from Sudan, where the government has been accused of genocide, the retailer assured Horowitz that his firm does not deal in Israel products.

“Oh, we don’t,” said the retailer, who was not identified by name but whose face was in the footage, when asked whether his store sells Israeli products. “We have a pro-Palestinian policy.”

Another retailer confirmed that he does not object to buying products from North Korea, a totalitarian state where hundreds of thousands are believed to have perished in gulags. Asked about Israel, he said, “We don’t do any business with Israel” and pointed to a sign on his door that read “boycott apartheid Israel” and “apartheid-free zone.”

The third retailer, whom Horowitz told he was representing an Iranian organic farm, said: “We have an embargo, we don’t do any Israeli business.” Horowitz then said: “I assume you guys have no cultural, political issue with working with Iran.” The third retailer, a woman, replied: “No, no,” adding, “Send some information, prices and whatever you have and we’ll have a look over it.”

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