U.S., Israeli counterterrorism teams meet


WASHINGTON (JTA) — The counterterrorism teams of the United States and Israel met in Washington, D.C.

The teams met Monday at the State Department “in the context of the two countries’ close and ongoing security cooperation,” a State Department statement said.

As such meetings are planned months in advance, this one likely was not related to the announcement on Tuesday of a final Iran nuclear agreement.

Leading the team for the United States was the coordinator for counterterrorism, Tina Kaidanow, and for Israel its director-general of the Foreign Affairs ministry, Alon Roth-Snir, and deputy national security adviser and head of the Counterterrorism Bureau, Eytan Ben-David.

“This is one of the United States’ longest standing strategic counterterrorism dialogues and provides an opportunity to formally review the full range of counterterrorism issues that are of concern to our two countries,” the statement said. “Both delegations reaffirmed their commitment to continuing and strengthening joint Israel-U.S. consultation and cooperation on common counterterrorism challenges.”

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