Palestinian Authority ordered to pay $10M plus installments in terrorism case


(JTA) — A federal judge ordered the Palestinian Authority and PLO to pay $10 million in cash plus $1 million in monthly installments to secure a judgment from a previous court decision on behalf of Americans killed in terrorist attacks.

Manhattan District Court Judge George Daniels ordered the security payment on Monday despite a motion filed by the U.S. State Department arguing that a high bond could strain the already weak Palestinian economy and threaten Middle East stability, The Associated Press reported.

In a February ruling that the Palestinians are appealing, a jury awarded $218.5 million in damages in a lawsuit brought by American victims and survivors of numerous Palestinian terrorist attacks in Israel between 2002 and 2004. As per the U.S. Anti-Terrorism Act, the damages were automatically tripled.

Daniels’ ruling is intended to remain in effect until the appeals are decided.

While attorneys for the Palestinians have argued that the Palestinian Authority cannot afford to pay $10 million, an attorney representing American victims and survivors of terrorist attacks in Israel said the P.A. has more than enough money, claiming it spends $60 million each year paying Palestinians held in Israeli prisons.

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