With Jewish fans, Bernie Sanders wins Democratic debate on social media


The media may have declared Hillary Clinton the winner of the first Democratic presidential debate on Tuesday in Las Vegas, but Bernie Sanders clearly won the night on social media.

The Jewish senator from Vermont gained 35,163 new Twitter followers Tuesday night, while the other four Democratic candidates — Hillary Clinton, Martin O’Malley, Jim Webb and Lincoln Chafee — picked up just 23,219 new followers combined. (Clinton gained 13,252 herself.)

Sanders’ campaign Twitter account also boasted the most retweeted line of the night on social media. His dismissal of the Clinton email scandal was retweeted over 12,000 times and made headlines.

Amidst all the tweeting, many of Sanders’ Jewish fans were also quick to point out that his Jewish-guy-from-Brooklyn demeanor was fun to see on a national stage.






Sanders will have to wait and see whether all of that online enthusiasm will translate into votes.


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