Mixing Moxy and Matzah Balls, Meet Unkosher Market’s T-Shirt Line


If body language is how most people judge us, what we wear is an essential statement we make before we can even open our mouths.

Enter Unkosher Market, a new fashion line that features moxy memes with classic Yiddish-isms on white tees, arguably the perfect Chanukah gift for any sassy sister.

The line offers Jews and lovers of the tribe’s vibe a cute and clever new way to make a fashion statement that is, as their website says, “100% cotton and 100% chutzpah.”

Even non-Jews will appreciate tongue-in-cheek slogans like “Kiss my Tuchis,” “Schvitz It Out,” and “Matzvah Ballin’.” For the more…adventurous girls out there is the shirt reading “You Little Horah.”

It all started with a conversion. Shiran Teitelbaum and Alice Blastorah, who are friends and have backgrounds in advertising (both reportedly won medals at the 2014 Cannes Lions advertising competition) made a special event for their friend’s conversion to Judaism and brought custom-made t-shirts as party favors.

The reaction was instant, and awesome, they told The Jewish Week. Alice and Shiran’s friends loved the shirts. Instagram pictures from the event sparked more interest. After experimenting with selling more shirts on the entrepreneur-friendly Etsy.com and making several dozen sales, the girls knew they had shown, and sewn, the world something special.

Popsugar predicts that Unkosher Market will make for a sweet buy this holiday season.

What's next on the agenda for Unkosher Market? "We've had dozens of emails about a men's line—so that's next on the agenda. And we're hoping to make baby tanks with tude right after. Who doesn't want a wee shirt that says 'Kiss My Tuchis' or 'Snip, Snip, Horay' as a bris gift." Teitelbaum said.