Nordstrom’s pulls Hanukkah sweater seen as insulting to Jewish women


(JTA) — Nordstrom’s pulled a women’s Hanukkah sweater from its stores and website after it was criticized for perpetuating negative stereotypes of Jewish women.

The blue sweater has the words “Chai Maintenance” knitted on the top and “Hanukkah J.A.P.” on the bottom. JAP stands for Jewish American Princess, a pejorative.

The sweater still appears on the website, but only the back, which has no writing, is visible and the page says “Product not available.” It was removed earlier this week.

A men’s version says “Mazel tov” on the top front and “Oy vey” on the back, and Happy Hanukkah on both sides. It remains on sale.

Nordstrom’s came under heavy criticism on its Facebook page.

“Cute and kitschy is one thing but perpetuating negative stereotypes as supposedly cute or fun holiday wear is disgusting,” one post read. “I expect more of a large high end retailer such as Nordstrom. Especially when the version for men is just cute, why is the version for women derogatory?”

“Very disappointed that Nordstrom’s would sell such a degrading item, that makes fun of Jewish Women,” read another.

In response to one critic, a Nordstrom’s customer service employee wrote: “this item wasn’t something we should have offered, Eileen. We have pulled the sweater from our site and it will no longer be offered.”

Some Facebook fans asked Nordstrom’s where they could purchase the sweaters now that the chain is no longer selling them.

It is available on Amazon without the JAP reference.


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