Polish lawmaker accuses ‘Jewish banker’ of funding protests


WARSAW, Poland (JTA) – A Polish lawmaker charged that recent opposition marches are funded by a “Jewish banker.”

“Apparently the march was financed somehow from the outside. PLN150 million [$38 million] are to be given by the Jews, the Jewish banker, in organization of the march,” Pawel Kukiz said, in an interview on Sunday with Zet Radio.

According to the station, Kukiz was referring to American financier George Soros.

“Kukiz is an anti-Semite,” opposition politician Janusz Palikot wrote on Twitter.

“Kukiz mistakes anti-system with anti-Semitism,” Anna Dryjańska, a journalist and feminist activist, also responded on Twitter.

Tens of thousands of people in several Polish cities protested over the weekend against the country’s new right-wing government. The protesters oppose government reforms that they claim interfere with the independence of the Constitutional Tribunal, a judicial body that determines the constitutionality of Polish law.

Kukiz is a musician and singer. He came in third with 20 percent of the vote in this year’s presidential elections. In the fall, he was elected to parliament. His party, Kukiz’15, brings together people with right-wing and nationalist views.




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