Trump poster on Jewish-owned building in Florida defaced with Nazi symbols


(JTA) — A Donald Trump campaign poster on a Florida building owned by a Jewish woman was defaced to make the front-running GOP candidate look like Adolf Hitler.

The words to the poster in the window of a vacant storefront in Jacksonville reading “We want Donald Trump! Republican Candidate For President” were altered overnight Tuesday with spray paint to read “heil Donald Trump! Nazi Candidate For President.” A swastika was drawn on Trump’s forehead and a small mustache resembling Hitler’s drawn on his upper lip.

“If it’s just the fact that they don’t like Donald Trump and they don’t like Donald Trump becoming president, why didn’t they just say … ‘We don’t want Donald Trump’ or something of that effect,” Patsy Butts, the building owner, told the local ABC affiliate KSAT. “But what they did is they made Donald Trump look like Hitler. Then they put the swastika on his forehead. That to me is a direct affront to the Jewish people.”

The graffiti was removed Tuesday afternoon, according to reports.

Butts said she will not remove the Trump sign and that she plans to offer the empty office space to whichever Republican candidate secures the nomination.

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