Swastikas, other anti-Jewish graffiti spray-painted on Canadian city


MONTREAL (JTA) — The third largest city in Canada’s Quebec province was defaced with swastikas and other anti-Jewish symbols.

More than a dozen swastikas were spray-painted last week in Laval, about 20 miles north of Montreal.

Police have yet to label the incident a hate crime, despite the presence of a giant Star of David with an “X” over it and white supremacist symbols.

“The sort of thing that I saw today happens to be the worst attack that I’ve come across,” Corey Fleischer, who owns a power-washing company, told CTV News on Friday after he removed the symbols.

Fleischer said in a Facebook post on Saturday that he removed 22 swastikas and eight Nazi SS symbols from 13 properties.

The vandals hit homes, park benches, a park chalet and automobiles in the incident, which was reported March 28.

In February 2015, vandals defaced several cars with swastikas in a Montreal garage and in January of this year, a dozen ant-Semitic symbols were scrawled onto a bridge connecting Montreal to Laval.

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