German town strips Hitler’s honorary citizenship


(JTA) — The southern German town of Tegernsee has revoked the honorary citizenship granted 83 years ago to Adolf Hitler.

The 16 members of the Tegernsee City Council voted unanimously on Tuesday to strip Hitler of the honor bestowed upon him in 1933, when he was named chancellor by President Paul von Hindenburg, the Tegernsee Voice reported Wednesday.

Mayor Johannes Hagn told the newspaper he did not know why the town was just now withdrawing the honor from the Nazi dictator, but he was happy to be making up for lost time. Also at the meeting, the council voted to withdraw honorary citizenship from von Hindenburg.

Some 4,000 German municipalities honored Hitler with honorary citizenship when he was Germany’s leader.

After World War II, the Allied Control Council in Germany ordered the automatic loss of honorary citizenship for convicted war criminals, but Hitler and Hindenburg both died before the end of the war.

A Tegernsee road named for Hitler was changed to Main Street in 1947, according to the newspaper.

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