Republican Jewish group congratulates Trump but doesn’t praise him


WASHINGTON (JTA) — The Republican Jewish Coalition congratulated Donald Trump on becoming the presumptive Republican nominee, but otherwise withheld praise for the candidate.

“The Republican Jewish Coalition congratulates Donald Trump on being the presumptive Presidential nominee of the Republican Party,” said the statement from the group issued Wednesday, a day after it became clear that the real estate magnate had secured the party’s nomination with a crushing primary win in Indiana.

Much of the rest of the statement focused on why the RJC continues to believe Hillary Clinton is “the worst possible choice for a commander in chief.”

It did not otherwise mention Trump, unusual for such missives, which routinely lavish praise on the nominee’s record.

Additionally, the release said a focus of the RJC would be down-ticket: “Along with the Presidential race, the RJC will be working hard to hold on to our majorities in the Senate and the House. It is critical that these majorities be preserved,” it said.

There are concerns among Republicans that Trump’s negatives with groups where there is a tendency to perceive some of his statements as hostile, including women, hispanics and blacks, will harm Republicans hoping to keep their seats in Congress.

Many Jewish Republicans remain concerned about Trump’s changing positions on Israel. He has at times pledged neutrality in Israeli-Palestinian peacemaking, while at other times saying he would be firmly on Israel’s side. Trump’s positions on immigration, trade and his broadsides against hispanics and Muslims have also troubled some Jewish Republicans.

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