Israel strikes target in Syria following mortar fire on Golan


JERUSALEM (JTA) — Israeli fighter jets struck Syria in retaliation for mortar fire that landed in Israeli-controlled areas of the Golan Heights.

The Israel Defense Forces said in a statement Monday that its Air Force had “successfully targeted the source of the fire in Syria.” It was not known whether the Israeli airstrike caused any damage or casualties.

The mortar shells that exploded in Israeli territory were believed to be errant rebel fire from Syria’s civil war.  No injuries were reported.

“The Syrian government is responsible for all fire from Syria and the IDF will continue to act in order to preserve Israeli sovereignty and safeguard Israel,” the IDF statement said.

Rebels and government forces in the Quneitra area are involved in heavy fighting near the Israel-Syria border on the Golan Heights.

Several stray rockets and shells have landed in Israel since the start of the civil war in Syria more than five years ago.

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